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Forever Is Now

by Bodi & Abstrakt

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Anatta 02:26
Buddha 03:20
Khanti 02:54
Dukkha 03:03
Samsara 01:28
Arhat 03:19
Zetta 03:32
I got a call that you died today And I wish I had a way to cope, but I don't Feels like I'm breathing smoke, signals that I'm losing hope In those little scattered notes, symbols scribbled in this broken code .Open closed how life goes ,We compose beauty then our life becomes parables So you had to leave before I got to say goodbye, I Didn't know never would be now…tell me why I Put it off until tomorrow isn't promised Today I got these things I think I need to get accomplished Fear is my accomplice, I guess that I'm afraid Of saying how I feel fore I'm lying in my grave ,I don't mean to be cliche, you hated that But I can see your face every night before I fade to black And smell coffee and cinnamon rolls Warming on the stove, medicine for the soul Hold my head up, and all I have are memories And maybe all we ever have eventually I remember when you taught me how to gamble And told me wisdom doesn't come from adding birthday candles You'll take more than you think you can handle So toughen up, child, the world's full of vandals You'll be one, too, if you let it get you jaded And all that seems bad is just good masqueraded So complain if you think it's productive But why not stay quiet, use your hands, be constructive In building up the world that you want to see yourself ,Before all that's left of you's a picture on a shelf Hell, if your grandma can make it to 80 You can survive until at least 30, Derie Worry less, you won't make it out alive So goodbye for now, but at least we had hi
Anicca 03:42


Forever is Now is releasing 1.24.12. It's produced entirely by UK-based super-producer Abstrakt, composed of samples from some of our favorite Sigur Ros songs. You'll notice the album is released as "name your price," so you can set any price from $0-$100,000. However, 100% of what you choose to pay will be donated to Faraja and Ebenezer orphanages in Kenya. And as an added incentive, those of you who donate any amount of money will have the album two weeks in advance, on 1.10.12.


released January 24, 2012

Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Bodi
Produced by Abstrakt
Mastered by Dominic Sandoval (Doctype)
Samples: Sigur Ros


all rights reserved



Bodi Washington

Bodi, formerly Alexipharmic, has been making music since he started watching YO! MTV Raps in Cookie Monster pajamas. He has toured the United States several times, made tracks with Eyedea, P.O.S., Emancipator, Budo, Kristoff Krane, and performed with many more. 50% of all his album and merch sales are donated to Mercy Corps' relief efforts in the Congo. He loves you, them, and sometimes himself. ... more

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