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Clotho is the sister of fate responsible for spinning the thread of human life. She also made major decisions, such as when a person was born, thus in effect controlling people's lives. This power enabled her not only to choose who was born, but also to decide when gods or mortals were to be saved or put to death. This song is about cutting those strings, controlling our own destiny, and walking our own path.


[Verse 1]
Alright - this is how it starts

Spark from the flame lit between two hearts
Emerge from the dark, then march to the light
One way ticket, to reunite with the night
And every day's a lottery
Stoned when our number's called or win another sunrise
One wise lesson I learned the hard way's
Live like the end will come today, because it could
And woulda should will do no good, pushing daffodils
What we stood for will outlive our passing thrills
And maybe it's true
Wisdom's learning how to make due with what we lose
Which is everything eventually, everyone we'll ever see
Every single destiny's ending and just a memory
What we leave behind's the after life that exists
Birthday candles blown out, every wish
Every year put together couldn't save us from the tethers
Of the sisters of fate deciding when to clip the feathers
So forever is now - until the fight song
Fades, goodnight, but live to keep the lights on

This is our moment
Our one shot to be legend

And nothing exists but this second

All we can do is decide how to spend it

[Verse 2]
And this is how I'm spending mine?
Moving back into the basement of my parent's house at 25?
Boxes in the attic of the album I aint sold
So the music turns to static on a quest to make gold
Self deprecating, hating on myself, debating
Whether self-medicating is an option for the taking
Waiting round and breaking down as often as my car dies
Only 5 years ago I dreamed about the stars lives
That I idolized and knew
I could make my once upon a time
 come true
But then I got older with regrets to undo
And a wishlist that grew longer than Rapunzel's hair
Or the time it'd take to make the sun blue
Or the cow to jump moon
Or to stand in the Amazon and run through
Or to learn how to beat Bruce Lee at Kung Fu
Time to give up or try some new, you
Can never make a change standing in place, or make
Lines on the face erase without being fake
The greats weren't great in the amniotic fluid
The struggle they embraced, it gave a shot at pushing through it
And they knew if they could do it then the truest form of spirit
Grew without illusions of some Druids coming near it
Cause it's clear if we depend on magic for our metamorphosis
This is walking dead as a living corpse exist
And I would spit on the graves of those who made me who I am
If I don't take the shots to be the best me that I can
And stand on my own two
While I'm 6 feet above the world that I hold to
"The old you's dead's" what my inner voice said
And the phoenix only rises when the old bones shed
"The new you's now" time to get up, get out
Get moving, and make your past proud



from The Fall of Atlas, released March 3, 2013
Written by Alexander Hallett (ASCAP)
Produced by Lonely Giant Spaces


all rights reserved



Bodi Washington

Bodi, formerly Alexipharmic, has been making music since he started watching YO! MTV Raps in Cookie Monster pajamas. He has toured the United States several times, made tracks with Eyedea, P.O.S., Emancipator, Budo, Kristoff Krane, and performed with many more. 50% of all his album and merch sales are donated to Mercy Corps' relief efforts in the Congo. He loves you, them, and sometimes himself. ... more

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