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Limelight (Prod. Ill2Lectual)

by Bodi, Ill2Lectual, The Almighty Ill2Lectual

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In the Summer of 2010, I was on tour with Mike (Eyedea), Jake (Cas One), Chris (Kristoff Krane), and Cody (Sadistik). One of our last tour stops was in Long Beach, where we played a swanky upstairs bar, fashioned as a Zen club. The show was pretty OK, but the after party was better.

We stayed the night at the Chris' house, the guy kind enough to put the show together for us. Chris was a little timid at first because Mike was one of his biggest influences, but as the evening progressed, his shyness went out the window. It's good that it did, because then he showed us the beats that he has made over the years. And they're really good.

Chris makes music as The Almighty Ill2Lectual. We stayed in touch after this tour and, after re-connecting on the Never Ending Gunshow Tour, decided to make some music together.

Limelight is the first in what will be a growing collection of songs created by the two of us. We hope you enjoy.

Bodi & Ill2Lectual


I gotta get my mind right, walkin in the limelight
Kinda seem a pipedream, might need the visine
To keep my eyes clean clear of all the cataracts
After that laughter mask flaws, work to battle back
Orangutans hanging on my vertebrae, heard em say
I won't make it, so I fake it til today
Finds a way to be tomorrow striving, borrowed time surviving
And we're back to the future and Delorian driving
That means I gotta put in work
If I wanna reap harvest of the salt of the earth
Til I'm rocking the hearse, so I'm dropping a verse
To reverse the laziness that made me this worst
Case scenario fearing, truth stereo, hearing
Work variables til I'm fly as aerials, cheering
On anyone reaching for the clouds and beyond
Just a fool working for the best in a song
Til I'm gone…

OK, stop the posturing, wandering around
Chickens with their heads already laying on the ground
Kentucky fried, it's time to double down
(K)ing (F)ugly (C)lothed, wearing no crown
Insecurities, every rapper's got em
And I don't feel drawn to try to knock em down or stop em
- It's not my problem, eyes on my business
And don't see the need to navigate to riches
- Which is a pretty empty pursuit
Are you in it for the love or you in it for the loot?
You livin with a grudge or you livin for the truth?
I'm staring down the barrel of a gun like shoot
Cause any day I could au revoir
That'd be fine, it's the gold law
That we bend to, step to, get a broke jaw
Nah - only thing I break's the law of gravity
Flyer than a perigean falcon, try grabbin me
Skin kinda like the iron giant, try stabbin me
Speaker like a leader, Evita on a balcony
Couldn't take me out, even if your name was Valkyrie
Wolves singing at the moon like how can he
Keep goin, sheep clothing, gold made alchemy
Deep breather, rip my lungs outta me
Turn to doc frankenstein to power with me battery
Can't break, they say you make
What you can where you stand, line drawn in the sand
Many claiming they're a man, then the shit hits the fan
Then they're like scram, but the best laid plans
Hardly ever manifest so I'm fine with second best
K2 to Everest, till that day, never rest
Another test? Cool, I'ma ace it
Face it like a giant, touch is like Midas


released December 4, 2011
Written by Bodi
Produced by The Almighty Ill2Lectual


all rights reserved



Bodi Washington

Bodi, formerly Alexipharmic, has been making music since he started watching YO! MTV Raps in Cookie Monster pajamas. He has toured the United States several times, made tracks with Eyedea, P.O.S., Emancipator, Budo, Kristoff Krane, and performed with many more. 50% of all his album and merch sales are donated to Mercy Corps' relief efforts in the Congo. He loves you, them, and sometimes himself. ... more

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