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from The Ratatat EP by Bodi

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It's like I'm ready to jump, but I aint ready to fall
Like I'm ready to fly, but I'm afraid I will stall
Like the meaning is gone, but I aint answered the call
Like I'm ready to quit, without hitting the wall

But I will never give up, nah I will never give
I will never give up, nah I will never
I will never give up, nah I will never give
I will never give up, give up, give (up)

Verse 1:
Down the rhythm of life with precision
It runs like the pistons in Formula 1 engines
I trust my decisions as much as religion
And rush to revisions in a book already written
So what choice do I have, but try to find the right path
Through the mines designed to blind the foresight for the hind path
Out of sight
Out of mind
Out of fight
Out of time
How to climb the day you find the summit's always out of view:
You can do one out of two things
Blame the past
Until you're blue in face and wave the flag of white
Then fade to black like mood rings
.Or keep on marching knowing you will never reach the peak
But peek the head up through the clouds
And keep the ground beneath the feet
Which means you seek your dreams in truth and leap above the obstacles
And bow your head for no one, though the steps are steep impossible
Is nothing that you worry bout, nothing of concern to you
An eagle flying higher than the crows who work to murder you
Vultures, let em circle, let em have a feast
Those who stand on shoulders of the giants only do it
Cause their own two feet are too, too weak
Too meek to seek beyond the heap
Of bucket crabs who grab and claw and pull before they go to sleep

Verse 2:
.No point to snatch a crown of king or queen cause that hill's
Littered with bodies, on meadows turned to landfills
Of royalty of past trapped behind the looking glass
Who grasp at straws to find a crack before the rabbit hole is snapped
Shut without a hope of coming back, their depth is bottomless
No rock to break their fall, on a quest to find accomplices
For misery, but we're all on the same journey
All seeking happiness before we see the gurney
All seeking love, so it's up to every one of us
To lift, cause we're all in the same abyss
With everything to risk, and nothing left to lose
No matter what we try in the end we all do

Verse 3:
Nothing left to prove and everything to gain
We can do anything, so what's a little pain in the end game
It don't matter one bit
A tower doesn't fall when it loses one brick
So who, where, when, and what's to be afraid of
When legends and the universe are everything we're made of
The pain is a paint brush, our veins are decayed rust
Framed to refrain through the painters that made us
Pieces of the master, masterpieces in training
.Chistling away to help those remaining
,To know when the road roamed grows more treacherous
Than the Yungas in an earthquake and monsoon we better this
All - by knowing we could fall any hour
Any minute, any second, what is fragile gives us power
To devour the demons, devil dancing in our limbic
Turning cynics to believers, give reality to mystics
Til we're finished - the work never is
But no better gift than weather this shit storm we're left to live
And use it as the fuel for the fire from the match
To illuminate the path at the start so the next kids going through it, too

Will never give up, nah they will never give
They will never give up, nah they will never give
They will never give up, because you've lived

Verse 4:
Iron with the will, like a lion on the kill
Never falling, never folding, never holding onto doubt that you will
Keep on going, never slowing, never knowing where the finish
Line is, mind is made that you won't cave and raise the finger to the limits
Gave and fate is fake and failure takes your strength
From good to great and wave goodbye to hate
And fear because they both create a slave
And chains are made to break, so shake em til they make
The two step music of life - we all learn
Burn the pages of your past that never will return
Turn the mazes of your path to better, still we earn
Our stripes and stars, cause while it's hard, it's always worth it
Though serpents on the surface try to strike their venom's worthless
We're all servants to attachments and desires that will ratchet
Up the tension sending us into the void if we let em
Never ending, never resting, you will never give up
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah you will never give up.


from The Ratatat EP, released December 23, 2014
Instrumental: Drugs by Ratatat, Nostrand by Ratatat.
Lyrics and Vocals by Bodi
Mixed and Mastered by Bodi


all rights reserved



Bodi Washington

Bodi, formerly Alexipharmic, has been making music since he started watching YO! MTV Raps in Cookie Monster pajamas. He has toured the United States several times, made tracks with Eyedea, P.O.S., Emancipator, Budo, Kristoff Krane, and performed with many more. 50% of all his album and merch sales are donated to Mercy Corps' relief efforts in the Congo. He loves you, them, and sometimes himself. ... more

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